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Summer weekend 

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Marilyn Myller: A New Stop-Motion Animation Made with Styrofoam Puppets and Long-Exposure Light Effects by Mikey Please [VIDEO]

is this bad typography?

this is a similar example of something i did that caused my boss to give me a lecture about making things look like it as done with care and purpose instead of something half assed. he was referring to the difference btwn upper and lower case letters. my argument was that i understand his point, but the issue here is the font and that’s what the font looks like. the conversation went nowhere. i can tell the difference btwn cases and this isn’t a problem visually for me. i have a hard time listening to this guy cuz he has no formal or informal design background and just comes off like some OCD nitpicking.

so is this bad?

talking to my friends in japan is interesting. one prefers talking to me in japanese (even though he has really good english skills and can pass as american) and the rest prefer english. one basically said english was easier cuz my japanese sucked. :( (his english isn’t perfect either, but i don’t say anything.) it’s weird to me. they all say they never speak english since returning to japan and get nervous the rare chance they have to do it for work… yet they speak to me in english no problem.

anyway, the common thing i get from them is that i don’t need to know any other language besides english and i’m lucky to be a native english speaker. they’re also a little envious of the freedom i have in choosing what i want to do in life. i don’t think they should be though. they’re more successful than me and in a lot ways i feel behind in life. it’s not exactly freedom it’s more like things don’t work out so i have to move on to the next thing. i also like learning new things so i know about a lot of random, different things. i think if they really wanted to they could do what they want too (despite what society says they should do). they’re basically doing the whole salaryman thing even though they find it boring. all they do is work and have no time for a social life or fun. i wonder how long they can keep up such a stressful life.

i think limiting yourself is one of the worst things a person can do. trying and failing is better than not trying at tall. what’s the point in being unhappy your entire life? work is an odd thing. i figure you can either find a job field that interests you or you just find a job for money and stability and be happy elsewhere. it’s a personal decision.

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watching tv shows set in the past i’d imagine ppl were generally miserable. everything is fifty shades of brown w/ highlights of dirty avocado green and day old piss yellow.

why are those funko dolls popular? they’re not even cute.


i need to get away from suede shoes. there’s just something about the texture… i’m basically looking for an everyday shoe that can be both casual and dressy. i found some suede grey and blue oxfords, but i know i’ll ruin them and they don’t go w/ anything. maybe these shorts so i can do some weird schoolboy thing. hopefully i find something that fits this mini crisis. i’m trying to look more sophisticated, but prefer dressing like a child cuz it’s more comfortable. maybe there’s a middle ground and i just have to find it.

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X-Men Illustrations - Created by Tu Bui