i give up one trying to be normal and typical


Death Note Ryuk by ChrisOzFulton


Cyborg Female Composite by lancewilkinson

textbooks come out to $7 total. +1 for optional books. supplies won’t be so bad. the majority i still have from last semester and i don’t think i have to go searching for different types of boards this time.

inadvertently hung around other students waiting for class. one girl is kinda stereotypically an art student. within a couple minutes of meeting her i learned she’s in an open relationship and sexually fluid. she suggested some guy shouldn’t limit his sexuality… he should hook up w/ a guy. she was also a bit upset she deleted some dick pics. it was kinda awkward since i just met her, but i probably won’t see her again. i also learned weed cures asthma.

p.s. girls should just go commando if they wear leggings. they’re practically sheer and not wearing panties at least gives the illusion of solid pants. otherwise i can see your thong… and some girls shouldn’t wear thongs. *insert kermit sipping tea*



web design might end up being a tough class. it’s all group work and presentations. kinda side eying the fact that it has a required textbook which is more of a guidebook than actual textbook. at least it is super cheap used. 2 ppl in the class are working graphic designers which is cool, but i suspect their classwork will be a lot better than everyone else’s plus one of them is friends w/ the professor.

we had to do self intros and of course no one knows what ui/ux design is. i dunno why i even bother. i need to just say web design.


Realizing there are still a ton of Marvel portraits that I’ve yet to post to tumblr! 

I’ll be doing an AP sale of every print from my show, HOPEFULLY soon, so look for that. 


Need them please.

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1st day of classes weren’t so bad…

  • no eye candy nor anyone who looks friendly. (was expected)
  • computer graphics i think will be fun. it’s pretty much playing w/ photoshop all semester.
  • computer lab got new computers and pleasantly surprised to see that the school has wacom tablets i can borrow.
  • apparently i don’t need one of the text books i rented so i think i’ll return it even though it may be helpful as a reference. i’ll just go shoe shopping. :)
  • art history seems cool in the sense that even though the class is western art we can do any culture’s artwork for essays. not too into the essays though, but i guess that’s the trade off for not needing the book.


Probe Droid - Created by Will Pigg