this art thing is an emotional roller coaster. i really wanna yell at the top of a mountain right now. i’m surrounded by so many ppl who have no sense of imagination or accept the bizarre. i feel forced into graphic design which i don’t have much of a passion for. no one who should understand this actually does. sigh. i think i’m just wasting my own time.

i might just go away for a while.


UK-based artist Robin Wight uses stainless steel wire to form stunning, dynamic sculptures of winged fairies dancing in the wind.

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i’m pretty sure i see the world differently literally and figuratively.



went to a type workshop. it was informative and awkward af. (i left early.) they let me stay even though i technically shouldn’t have been there. overall going just added to feeling lost.

i’m ready for october and all the horror/halloween themed movies.


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it’d be great if ppl i’ve just met/ barely know would stop assuming everyone has a perfect nuclear family. i’ve gotten in the habit of just going along w/ whatever made up life ppl think i have cuz it’s not worth the trouble to correct them, but i don’t really feel like lying.



i may or may not have stared at this for longer than i should

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